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Fabrik recognises the importance of slick project management, ensuring the build is kept on time and budget. As the project manager, the team of experienced construction professionals bridge the gap between you as the investor/developer and and the main contractor.

One of the keys to navigating a project successfully is constant communication and clear direction to the team on site. The head project manager produces weekly reports in real-time, this includes a full site video update, written report and most importantly invoice validation, giving you complete peace of mind when managing your development finances. 

Fabrik Construction

An exceptional service tailored to your requirements

What We Do

1 - Bridge the gap between investor and contractor 2 - Ensuring project is on time and budget 3 - Communicate & Direct project 4 -Ensure delivery of project


1 - Detailed schedule of works 2 - Contract between you and main contractor 3 - Project time-line expectation 4 - payment plan

Project Delivery

1 - Weekly written report
2 - Weekly video report
3 - Weekly photo report
4- Invoice validation

Post Completion

1 - Snag list
2 - Provide any certification
3 - Sign off
4 - Professional hand over to management team

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Property Construction with FABRIK

Project managing the build from start to finish ensuring a smooth process throughout

FABRIK Construction Team

A Team You Can Trust

True to our mission to provide the best accommodation for tenants and guests alike. When it comes to refurbishment and development we accept nothing but the best.

Finish is the focus. All walls are plastered to a smooth finish, married with stylish kitchens and bathrooms giving a modern and inviting feel to each space.

PREVIOUS Projects We've Completed

A selection of our inviting spaces

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What is FABRIK Construction?

We make sure your project is on time and on budget from start to finish

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