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Within Fabrik, the management arm is affectionately known as the Engine Room which is Integral to making any property investment successful. Fabrik’s finger on the pulse property management style has a high attention to detail which is the driving force behind the companies success in the property market.

The team of passionate property managers ensure everything from adhering to the legalities of the rental market to the logistics of letting your property are taken care of.

Fabrik Management


So often the human element is overlooked but at Fabrik Property Group the focus on building long-term relationships is paramount. There are two P’s in Property, Property being the obvious one, however people are the most important one.

Fabrik Management provide a personalised, clear and professional service on all areas of property rental.

For our Property Management Terms of Business, please CLICK HERE​

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Property Management with FABRIK

Property management is one of the most important services to offer within the property industry.

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