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You make your money when you buy

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Fabrik specialise in sourcing viable development sites in key locations across the UK for Private Clients and Housing Associations. 


Fabrik Property Sourcing

Building a fuller, stronger portfolio for greater capital wealth.

We understand the importance of buying correctly when it comes to property investment and development. Quite simply it can be the difference between making money or not. 

Your profit is typically made at the point of purchase, so with that in mind, our team focuses heavily on the appraisal process. 

Appraising endless opportunities to discover the gems that can really make our clients some serious profits. 

We undertake a full investigative due diligence phase on each opportunity, leaving no stone unturned to ensure all aspects of the development from demand, construction cost and valuation etc, have been answered and varied from accredited third party property professionals.  

Allowing you to make a much more informed decision.

Why should you use a sourcing agent?

  • Leverage reputation
  • Invest Remotely
  • Access to below market deals
  • Saving you time
  • Plug in to experienced Power Team
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Property Sourcing with FABRIK

Our large database of contacts allows us to find below market value properties

THE PROCESS: Portfolio Building


Fabrik offer a FREE no obligation video call with an experienced investment advisor to discuss your goals and how Fabrik can help you achieve them. Following this call your investment advisor will be able to understand what type of opportunities will suit you.
Once Fabrik understand your bespoke needs, the property sourcing team are briefed to find opportunities for you that best suit your criteria. All opportunities that are a fit for you are discussed and explained by your personal investment advisor who will walk you through the process and offer you a viewing of the property and answer any questions you may have. Once you have seen a development you are interested in we strongly recommend a guided tour of the investment location to touch, feel and see the potential in the opportunities for yourself. If you a remote then a virtual tour can also be arranged. 
reserve & COMPLETE
At the point you agree a deal, there is a simple process to reserve your property. You simply pay your reservation fee and electronically sign the Terms of Business. Once this has been finalised, you will be allocated a sales progression agent who will help you through completion.

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“You make your money when you buy” and we source below market value properties

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