Matt Harper-Penman

Matt is one of the co-founders of Fabrik. He started his career graduating through one of the top accounting firms, Grant Thornton LLP. Originally coming from an accountancy background, Matt specialised in Audit and Assurance, working predominantly with large private sector clients.

Bringing all of his experience into the property world, Matt has been a leading force in Fabrik’s march to the forefront in portfolio building in UK property.

Matt is a star profile within the Wealth Dynamics profiling system developed by Roger Hamilton, which means Matt’s strengths lay in the client facing parts of the business.

Having been involved with completed transactions on over 300 units for clients, ranging from single properties to multi-million pound portfolios, he is well placed to handle any clients needs to build their portfolio.

Whether they are starting out with their first property investment or they are a seasoned investor and looking to strengthen and add depth to their portfolio, then Matt is well placed to help them grow and achieve their goals.

Over the years he has invested in excess of £50,000 into property education and continued professional development so that he is constantly and consistently able to advise our clients in todays strategies and how best to navigate an ever changing market place.

He is very personal in his approach to business and takes the time to really understand his clients needs and goals to be able to deliver a tailor made service which will hit targets safely and at pace.

Matt also has experience in public speaking and has regularly addressed large audiences on property investment.

Outside of the office, Matt loves to stay in shape so is regularly in the gym and likes to spend time with friends and loved ones travelling the world. He enjoys most sports, in particular boxing and skiing, which he is steadily ticking off visited mountain pistes on his wish list from all over the globe.

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